CR2R Webinar Series

The Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights (CR2R) Webinar Series

Sustainable, rights-respecting investment goes hand in hand with responsible corporate conduct. If investors are to manage risks linked to their investment activities, they need to hold their portfolio companies accountable for their human rights performance. The UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights is the internationally recognized framework that details the corporate responsibility to respect human rights (CR2R).

The Investor Alliance for Human Rights has developed a five-part webinar series that systematically discusses the elements of CR2R. The UN Guiding Principles establish that both investors and companies must respect human rights and prevent, mitigate, and remediate harms. By communicating precise expectations to portfolio companies, investors are better able to assess and address their exposure to human rights risks, while contributing to rights-respecting and socially sustainable investment activities.

This CR2R webinar series aims to inform and support investors in their stewardship activities with their portfolio companies, including investors participating in the Investor Alliance’s corporate engagement initiatives; such as, engaging with companies that score poorly on the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark, or tech companies' digital rights performance as assessed by Ranking Digital Rights. The webinars are also relevant for companies disclosing their human rights performance to investors as well as other stakeholders working to ensure economic actors meet their human rights responsibilities.

During the course of five webinars, each element of the CR2R will be examined in greater depth. By clicking on the links below, you will be taken to each webinar’s event page, where you will find the event recording and slides, a link to short, informative videologs with valuable foundational information, for example, on Human Rights Impact Assessment, the SDGs & ESG, Governance & Leadership Indicators, HRDD Processes and Red Flags, etc, as well as links to additional resources.

  1. Human rights policy and governance (January 19, 2022, View the full recording)  
  2. HRDD Part 1: Context and sector specific approaches to human rights impact assessment (May 12, 2022, View the full recording)  
  3. HRDD Part 2: Integrating, tracking, and monitoring human rights risk management (June 6, 2024, View the full recording)
  4. HRDD Part 3: Communicating responsible corporate conduct (Upcoming)  
  5. Stakeholder engagement and effective grievance processes (Upcoming)