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Membership is currently free and open to all institutional investors, including asset management firms, trade union funds, public pension funds, foundations, endowments, faith-based organizations, and family funds. 

Our membership is currently comprised of over 200 institutional investors, representing over US$7 trillion in assets under management and 19 countries. 

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The Investor Alliance provides institutional investors with a platform to:

  1. Engage with their own responsibility to respect human rights through capacity building and application of practical guidance and targeted tools;

  2. Engage companies on human rights risks and responsible management of those risks; and

  3. Engage policy makers and standard setting bodies to ensure these groups create enabling environments for responsible business conduct.

The Investor Alliance supports members in the following ways as they work to identify, assess, and address human rights risks throughout their investment activities:

  • Capacity building on human rights due diligence and salient human rights issues of portfolio companies to shape investment decision-making, engagement strategies, and priorities for action;

  • Amplified influence and impact through collaborations with a global network of investors and strategic partners on human rights priorities;

  • Participation in coordinated investor actions geared towards promoting business respect for human rights;

  • Engagement with civil society and other stakeholders with relevant human rights expertise and connections to rights-holders; and

  • Other collective actions, ranging from standard setting activities to the filing of shareholder resolutions to participating in long-term corporate engagements focused on specific sectors. 

Members have exclusive access to the Investor Alliance listserv and other members-only tools and guidance to support investor action on human rights.


For learn more about membership, please contact Rebecca DeWinter-Schimitt at rdewinter@iccr.org.