Tech and AI Policy

Technology is reshaping industries. Cloud computing, the internet of things (IoT), machine learning, robotics, artificial intelligence - these technologies are being developed and deployed by business across all industries to increase efficiencies, enhance offerings and open access to previously untapped markets. In particular, artificial intelligence or AI, is transforming business processes and outcomes. Spanning online platforms to healthcare to car manufacturers, there is significant investment in AI to enhance performance, from refining medical diagnoses to boosting productivity and minimizing workplace risks.  

Yet, AI introduces human rights risks, particularly concerning consumer privacy and heightened surveillance by state and private actors. AI-driven decision-making (algorithms) can perpetuate systemic discrimination, impacting areas such as hiring and health diagnoses. The human rights risks of AI demand proactive approaches to address its widespread adverse impacts, including engaging policymakers and standard-setting bodies to implement robust legislation to ensure and incentivize the development and deployment of trustworthy AI.  

The Investor Alliance has been working with investors, supported by civil society allies, in bringing the investor voice to weigh in on the need for regulation to enable the responsible development and deployment of technology, including trustworthy AI. Please click on the tiles below to learn more about our work in the EU, the US and in other fora.