Technology and Human Rights Working Group

The Investor Alliance's technology and human rights investor working group has been ongoing since 2019 and is aimed at holding companies to account for their responsibility to respect and protect digital rights, such as rights to freedom of expression, privacy, and anti-discrimination online including through the responsible development and deployment of technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

The working group which meets bi-monthly, consists of investors, civil society stakeholders, and digital rights experts, meets regularly to provide valuable technical expertise and present original research and findings to help fuel engagements. In many cases,  the research draws on information gathered from impacted stakeholders that provide first-hand accounts of human rights harms resulting from ICT companies' products or services. Past collaborations have included Ranking Digital Rights (RDR), Access Now, Amnesty International, and European Digital Rights (EDRi). 

If you are interested in joining the Tech and Human Rights Working Group, please contact Anita Dorett

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