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Addressing Root Causes of Attacks on Environmental Rights Defenders through Collective Approach: Challenges and Opportunities for Investors

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On October 20, the Investor Alliance for Human Rights and the Zero Tolerance Initiative hosted a webinar unpacking the root causes of attacks on environmental rights defenders and provided investors with tools to help cease, prevent and mitigate adverse impacts on rights defenders.

 View the slide deck here.

The goal of the webinar was for investors to better understand the root causes of the threats faced by environmental rights defenders, the case for companies and investors to act, and the tools available to investors for identifying and minimizing these risks within their portfolios.

We were very fortunate to have a great panel of speakers for our webinar:

Ali Hines, Senior Campaigner at Global Witness
Guangchunliu Gangmei, Programme Coordinator at AIPP
Miguel Guimaraes Vasquez, President of FECONAU
Steven Heim, Managing Director at Boston Common Asset Management

Missed the briefing? View the recording below.