Big Tech and Disinformation: Implications For ESG Investment Goals

Webinar: Big Tech and Disinformation - Implications for ESG Investment Goals

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Until recently, Big Tech was perceived as a “clean” investment and a core component of responsible investing programs. However, over the past few years, as whistleblowers come forward and the media digs deeper into the spread of disinformation, hate and violent extremism on social media platforms, this view has been upended, raising critical issues for investors and shareholders. 

As investors, we need to take a fresh look at technology platform investments and this session was designed to help do just that. Moderated by Christina O'Connell of SumOfUs, this session of the ICCR March 2023 conference provided an overview of the major tech companies’ responsibility for the spread of disinformation, hate, and violent extremism in the digital town square.

Panelists included:

  • Frances Haugen, Advocate for accountability & transparency in social media.

  • Katie Paul, Director, Tech Transparency Project 

  • Nandini Jammi, Co-Founder, Check My Ads

Watch a recording of the panel discussion: