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Investor Webinar: The BankTrack Global Human Rights Benchmark 2022

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On Tuesday, January 10 at 11am ET/4pm UK/ 5pm CET, the Investor Alliance for Human Rights co-hosted with BankTrack an investor webinar exploring the findings of BankTrack’s 2022 Global Human Rights Benchmark. Now in its fourth year, the Benchmark assesses the human rights policies, processes, and reporting of 50 of the largest private sector banks against criteria based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

BankTrack’s Ryan Brightwell shared information about the Benchmark’s methodology and key findings, as well as explored trends in banks’ human rights performance over the past years. The webinar discussed the ranking of the assessed banks, from leaders to laggards, and highlighted key human rights indicators where improvements are needed for banks to meet their human rights due diligence responsibilities.

In addition, participants heard from Brandon Rees, AFL-CIO on how they use the Benchmark data to engage with banks on their human rights policies, practices, and impacts on communities and rightsholders, in particular with regards to banks' labor rights performance. Participants had the opportunity to participate in an interactive discussion about how to leverage the Benchmark's findings in investor action toward respect for human rights across the banking industry.


Watch a recording of the webinar: