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Respecting Digital Rights: Using the 2020 RDR Index to Hold Companies Accountable

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ICT companies that we invest in have driven global innovation, economic growth, and the fulfillment of human rights for millions of people. Yet, these same companies can also cause, contribute to or be directly linked to adverse impacts on individuals and society through their own activities and business relationships. Risks to the right to privacy and freedom of expression are especially salient for ICT companies that build their profit models at the cost of protecting digital content and personal data.

What steps, if any, have companies taken to address long-running concerns about the human rights impact of their governance, policies, and practices affecting users’ human rights? Investors have the responsibility to hold these companies accountable.

The 2020 Ranking Digital Rights (RDR) Corporate Accountability Index, launched on February 24, features the latest data on how 26 of the world’s most important digital platforms and telecommunications companies respect users’ rights to freedom of expression and information, privacy, and security.

The Investor Alliance for Human Rights and RDR launched the new 2020 RDR Index via webinar, featuring an overview of key findings from the 2020 RDR Index with a wide range of perspectives:

- Rebecca MacKinnon, Founding Director, Ranking Digital Rights
- Dr. Jan Rydzak, PhD, Company Engagement Lead & Research Analyst, Ranking Digital Rights
- Dr. Carlo Manuel Drauth, PhD, Head of the Responsible Business and Human Rights - Global Corporate Ethics and Sustainability Department, Telefónica S.A
- Lauren Compere, Managing Director, Boston Common Asset Management

Moderator: Anita Dorett, Program Director, Investor Alliance for Human Rights

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