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Webinar: Assessing Forced Labor Risks in the ICT Sector as COVID-19 Raises Risks

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On June 11, 2020 the Investor Alliance for Human Rights (Investor Alliance) and the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) hosted a webinar sharing the findings of KnowTheChain’s third ICT benchmark, which assesses how the 49 largest global electronics companies address forced labor risks in their supply chains. 

HP shared its approach to addressing such risks, both individually as well as in collaboration with initiatives such as the Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment and the Responsible Labor Initiative. BNP Paribas shared how investors can build KnowTheChain’s findings into their active ownership practices. Our moderator was David Schilling, Senior Program Director at ICCR and the Investor Alliance.

The Investor Alliance had the pleasure of having with us:

  • Adam Kanzer, Head of Stewardship - Americas, BNP Paribas Asset Management
  • Annukka Dickens, Director, Human Rights, Supply Chain Responsibility and Accessibility, HP
  • Felicitas Weber, KnowTheChain Project Director, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Missed the briefing? View the recording below.

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