Webinar: Corporate Transparency and Accountability for Internet Users’ Rights to Freedom of Expression and Privacy

Event Details


When companies fail to respect privacy and freedom of expression, users pay a price. And so do investors.

This webinar aims to build investor awareness of potential material risks related to digital rights in order to: (1) inform investment research and decisions and (2) support investor engagement with ICT companies on these issues.

We are pleased to have Rebecca MacKinnon, Director of Ranking Digital Rights (RDR), with us to lead this discussion. Rebecca will provide an overview of the Ranking Digital Rights project and the latest 2018 Corporate Accountability Index with an analysis of continuing gaps and recommendations for investors on how to address human rights risks.  To help inform the discussion, an investor update briefing paper will be published in advance on the RDR’s resource page for investors.

Members of the Investor Alliance for Human Rights will also share insights on how investors can utilize the 2018 RDR Index as an analytical tool to inform ESG decision-making and engagement with ICT companies on human rights risks.

Missed the webinar? View the recording below.