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Webinar: Investing in Human Rights: A Roadmap for Investor Action

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On June 30, 2020, UNPRI, together with the Investor Alliance for Human Rights and Robeco hosted a webinar exploring the recently launched Investor ToolkitListen to the recording here.

In this globally challenging time, the investment community can play an important role in enabling economic recovery, development and contributing to wider societal well-being rooted in the fundamentals of human rights. Institutional investors have a responsibility to respect human rights more broadly to ensure that the financial sector contributes to, not detracts from, more inclusive societies.

This webinar explored the responsibilities of institutional investors to respect human rights, and how this can be implemented in practice by exploring the recently launched Investor Toolkit published by the Investor Alliance for Human Rights. Robeco, an Alliance member, also shared its views on investors' responsibility to address risks to people posed by their investments.

We were very fortunate to have a great panel of speakers for our webinar:

  • Daniëlle Essink-Zuiderwijk, Senior Engagement Specialist, Robeco
  • Paloma Munoz Quick, former Director, Investor Alliance for Human Rights
  • Sara Blackwell, former Associate Director, Investor Alliance for Human Rights
  • Moderator: Bettina Reinboth, Head of Social Issues, PRI

Missed the webinar? View the recording here.