Ranking Digital Rights

Webinar: Ranking Digital Rights 2019 Findings

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Investors need data and tools to help them identify and assess human rights risks, including digital rights risks, in their investment portfolios. The Ranking Digital Rights (RDR) Corporate Accountability Index evaluates the top internet, mobile, and telecommunications companies whose products and services are collectively used by over half of the world’s 4.3 billion internet users, with a combined market cap of nearly US$5 trillion. 

This webinar will feature an overview of key findings of greatest relevance to investors from the 2019 RDR Corporate Accountability Index, launched on May 16 and evaluating 24 internet, mobile, and telecommunications companies.

The webinar will discuss RDR's recommended questions for investors to ask companies, as well as relevant regulatory developments. The RDR Index indicators represent a concrete standard not only for companies to meet their normative responsibility to respect human rights, but also for moving beyond compliance and getting ahead of regulatory risks. Companies in the sector that build their policies and practices around transparency, accountability, and respect for users’ human rights will be in a better position to identify and mitigate harms to individuals and communities that regulators will eventually be compelled to address. 

We are pleased to have Rebecca MacKinnon, Director of Ranking Digital Rights, to present the 2019 findings and lead this discussion.

Rosa Van Den Beemt, of NEI Investments will also share insights on how investors can utilize the 2019 RDR Index as an analytical tool to inform ESG decision-making and engagement with ICT companies on human rights risks. 

Missed the webinar? View the recording below.