ICT sector

ICT Salient Issue Briefings for Investors

The Investor Alliance's pilot strategic Sector-Wide Risk Assessment (SWRA) looks at the real and potential impacts of the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector in order to build a more complete picture of this industry's salient human rights issues. This sectoral review helps investors see the 'bigger picture' of potential adverse impacts of ICT companies and supports investor efforts to identify, assess, and address human rights risks in portfolios. 

The SWRA is comprised of ICT Salient Issue Briefings, which are individually published at regular intervals throughout 2019. Each briefing includes information on international human rights standards relevant to the issue, a summary of reported adverse impacts, the business case for addressing the issue, and guiding questions to support direct investor engagement with ICT companies.

1. Privacy and Data Protection

2. Freedom of Opinion and Expression

3. Conflict and Security