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Investor Statement on Corporate Accountability for Digital Rights

LATEST: The Investor Statement on Corporate Accountability for Digital Rights re-opened for sign-on, please fill out this form to join. 

The past few years have put a spotlight on the unchecked power of technology companies contributing to the proliferation of misinformation and viral hate speech, increased levels of illegal surveillance including that which enables immigration policing, attacks on democracy, the censorship of dissident voices, and discrimination against marginalized communities, including racial and gender discrimination due to artificial intelligence and algorithmic bias.

Companies in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector must be held accountable for their policies and practices that affect people’s right to freedom of expression and privacy.

In response, 176 investors and their representatives representing over US$9.2 trillion in assets under management signed the Investor Statement on Corporate Accountability for Digital Rights, outlining investor expectations in line with the evaluation and recommendation of the 2020 Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability Index. In October 2021, Investor signatories sent the letter to 26 companies assessed in the 2020 RDR Index, escalating engagements they initiated with the sector in 2018.

You can join the 176 investors that have already signed on to this statement by filling out this form

Investors are increasingly utilizing benchmark reports like the RDR Index as a tool that provides a roadmap supporting companies in meeting their human rights responsibilities and helps investors identify and assess digital rights risks in their portfolios. The 2020 Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability Index, the fifth RDR Index since 2015, evaluated 26 of the world’s most powerful digital platforms and telecommunications companies on their publicly disclosed commitments and policies affecting privacy and freedom of expression and information. The companies assessed (listed below) held a combined market capitalization of more than USD $11 trillion. Their products and services affect a majority of the world’s 4.6 billion internet users. You can view the full company profiles and scores here

Digital platforms
•    Alibaba
•    Amazon
•    Apple
•    Baidu
•    Facebook
•    Google
•    Kakao
•    Mail.Ru
•    Microsoft
•    Samsung
•    Tencent
•    Twitter
•    Verizon Media
•    Yandex

Telecommunications companies
•    América Móvil
•    AT&T
•    Axiata
•    Bharti Airtel
•    Deutsche Telekom
•    Etisalat
•    MTN
•    Ooredoo
•    Orange
•    Telefónica
•    Telenor
•    Vodafone

You can find the Oct 7, 2021 press release on our digital rights engagement here.