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Investor Statement on Corporate Accountability for Digital Rights 2018

ICT companies drive global innovation, economic growth, and the fulfillment of human rights for millions of people. Yet, these same companies can contribute to human rights abuses through their activities, or as a result of their business relationships.

In 2018 alone, the world has witnessed massive data breaches affecting several hundred million users, manipulation of social media platforms to aid genocide in countries such as Myanmar, and some companies’ censorship of content containing peaceful political dissent at the behest of authoritarian governments.

In response, 49 members of the Investor Alliance sent this statement to 22 companies in the ICT sector, outlining investor expectations for ICT companies stressing the importance of the Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability Index as a tool that aids companies in meeting their human rights and fiduciary responsibilities and helps investors identify and assess digital rights risks in their portfolios.

Read our press release here.