Join the Alliance

Membership in the Alliance is free and provides investors with several ways to address human rights and business risks:

  • Multiple ready-made opportunities to participate in strategic investor actions, geared towards addressing human rights risks;
  • Increased influence and impact through collective action with a broad range of investors and strategic partners;
  • Opportunity to gain broad investor support for your institution’s priority issues;
  • Increased access to information on human rights risks and impacts to help shape your decision-making, strategies and priorities for action on human rights;
  • Regular updates and guidance regarding investor tools for more effective human rights engagements;
  • Partnership with investors with long-term experience addressing human rights issues;
  • Engagement with external stakeholders with the knowledge and expertise to support your efforts.

In a given year, members can expect to be involved in several Alliance initiatives, ranging from letter-writing on urgent human rights and business issues to presenting shareholder resolutions, voting proxies and participating in multi-stakeholder initiatives.

Alliance members receive monthly newsletters with highlighting developments in the human rights and business field, including new tools and guidance, as well as information on relevant events.   

Membership is open to institutional investors, including asset managers, state pension funds, faith-based institutions, trade unions and family funds.

Note: urgent actions and campaign actions are only carried out in the name of those investors involved in the activities, and not on behalf of the Alliance as a whole.

Click here to join us. Alternately, you can email us here if you're unable to use Google forms.