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digital rights

Investor Statement in Support of Digital Rights Regulations January 2022

Statement calling on Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to vote for a DSA that protects the digital rights of users and empowers them to be in control of their online lives.

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Sudanese Protestors

Investor Statement in Support of a Democratic Transition in Sudan  December 2021

Statement calling for the restoration of a democratic transition and a cessation of arrests and violence against protestors, as well as calling on investors and companies with direct and indirect ties to Sudan to take practical steps to conduct heightened due diligence and avoid complicity in human rights abuses.

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EU Flag

Investor Statement in Support of Mandated Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence October 2021

Letter to the EU Commission calling on it to ensure the passage of robust mandated human rights and environmental due diligence legislation, with recommendations for specific provisions relating to scope, the due diligence process, liability, accountability, remedy, and enforcement.

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Investor Statement on Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation May 2021 

Calls on companies to take broad, systemic action to protect human rights defenders, and ensure that they do not use or support SLAPPs against individuals, organizations, or communities.

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Human rights in Myanmar

Investor Statement on Human Rights and Business Activities In Myanmar May 2021

Calls on companies to uphold their corporate responsibility to respect human rights by undertaking enhanced due diligence to identify and address human rights harms stemming from ties to the military or military-affiliated entities.

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Digital rights

Investor Statement on Corporate Accountability for Digital Rights April 2021

Outlines investor expectations of leading ICT companies in line with the evaluation and recommendation of the 2020 Ranking Digital Rights Index, in particular regarding rights to privacy and freedom of expression.

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Investor Statement Calling on Companies to Improve Performance on the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark February 2021

Calls on companies that have scored a zero on the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark indicators related to human rights due diligence to publicly demonstrate respect for human rights by disclosing efforts to improve their performance.  

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forced labor in seafood sector

Investor Statement Addressing Forced Labor in Supply Chains May 2018

Developed jointly with Know the Chain, the statement defines investor commitments and allows investors to publicly demonstrate support for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 8.7 to eradicate forced labor.

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Past Statements

If you are interested or for more information contact Anita Dorett.


Investor Statement Calling on Companies to Improve Performance on the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark November 2020

Targets companies scoring in CHRB due diligence indicators, calls on companies to demonstrate their respect for human rights, including through strong public commitments on human rights, a rigorous human rights due diligence processes, and remediation of negative impacts.

Superseded by Updated Statement

Investor Statement of Support for Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence April 2020

Makes the ‘investor case’ for regulatory measures that facilitate corporate accountability for human rights harms.


Investor Statement of Support for 2019 BankTrack Human Rights Benchmark November 2019

Welcomes analytical tools like the BankTrack Human Rights Benchmark and commits to incorporating its findings in investment analysis, voting, and other engagement practices and to providing input into the Benchmark as it evolves.


Making Finance Work for People and Planet March 2019

Sent to US and EU policymakers, calls for enhanced investor due diligence to address environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks, including human rights risks, throughout the investment lifecycle.


Investor Statement on Corporate Accountability for Digital Rights October 2018

Sent to 22 companies in the ICT sector, outlines investor expectations for ICT companies stressing the importance of the RDR Index as a tool that aids companies in meeting their human rights and fiduciary responsibilities and helps investors identify and assess digital rights risks in their portfolios.

Superseded by Updated Statement

Investor Statement on Responsible Sourcing in the Jewelry Supply Chain September 2018

Calls on companies in the jewelry industry to review their policies and practices and take action to ensure responsible sourcing of gold, diamonds, and other precious minerals and gems.


Investor Expectations on Conflict Mineral Reporting May 2018

Cautions companies to continue to comply with the conflict minerals reporting requirements legislated in Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protections Act, which requires them to file annual reports.


Investor Statement of Concern on Attacks Against Defenders May 2018

Calls on companies to make commitments to respect and protect human rights defenders and, in particular, take immediate action to ensure the protection and physical safety of indigenous rights defenders at risk in the Philippines.