The business case paradigm for human rights emphasizes a profit-based incentive for companies to respect human rights. Rights practitioners should be aware of this framework’s pitfalls.
The Investor Initiative on Human Rights Data will target big data and proxy houses to support just transition to a nature-positive and net-zero world.
Research finds negligible decline in state-imposed forced labour despite regulation, as Asia’s central position on issue draws eyes to Uyghur solar supply chain risk.
By Alexandra Pardal, Interim Co-Executive Director of Digital Action This year, more than 2 billion people are voting in over 65 elections across the world, making this a pivotal  Year of Democracy in the largest megacycle of elections of the internet age. But the biggest online platforms and...
More than 370 votes were held last year, breaking a record for the third consecutive year, but shareholder support has been receding.
Growing pressure from shareholders for robust ethical guidelines and governance structures seen as sending signal to policymakers.
Investor Alliance for Human Rights files 14 shareholder proposals at Alphabet, Amazon, and Meta.
Amazon and Meta are among the companies targeted by 14 recent shareholder proposals by IAHR members, citing social harms including misinformation risks.
A suite of 14 shareholder proposals for the 2024 proxies of Alphabet, Amazon and Meta call out the deleterious human rights impacts of the tech sector’s products and services as well as its governance structures and revenue models. NEW YORK, NY –TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2024 – Investors who have been...
The year is off to a rapid start, bringing with it a continued need to focus on the unique role of the financial sector in advancing respect for human rights. Conversations at the 2024 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, the 12th UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, and COP28 all demonstrated the...